About Us

OrbitScripts specializes in website design and development, application development, CMS implementation, web hosting, server administration,
custom programming, and customer support

Our History

We started as offshore developers of Custom Industry Automation hardware design in 1990 and gained our first experience in web development in 1997.

In 2002, we became “OrbitScripts” to better serve the growing demand for quality web design services. We also developed our first version of SmartPPC Search Engine, which is now installed on more than 1000 websites.

Our Vision

OrbitScripts strives to become the leading provider of Internet services for the whole life cycle of Internet-based projects—from initial analysis, design, development, implementation and testing to custom add-ons and post-production support.

Our customers require high levels of expertise and creativity. Our solutions are flexible and scalable, providing high ROI and investment protections.

Our Team

We are educated, skilled, young professionals who are enthusiastic about our work. We employ art designers, webmasters, programmers, server administrators and managers.

We use the latest technologies based on open standards and best practices to achieve the highest possible value and productivity for our customers.