Custom Programming

We create a custom software solution that does just what you want it to do with our Software Development Process.

Five steps of custom programming:

  • Requirements Analysis & Specification We discuss what you need from a business and technical perspective. We interview stakeholders and create a detailed proposal and reach an accurate understanding of the system to be developed.

  • Design & Projecting Next, we develop algorithms and build UML diagrams that describe software behavior and infrastructure. We construct diagrams that illustrate business process, interface layout, functionality and data flow to gain a full picture of all aspects of the system you need.

  • Implementation & Coding Next we write the foundational code of our software, including data collection, analysis and data indexing, search engine scripting, multi-threaded applications, and low-level device drivers.

  • Testing & Validation Testing eliminates defects. We use built-in debugging tools, syntax analysis, and automated testing to fix bugs and keep our clients on track.

  • Deployment & Installation Our solutions can be installed on shared hosting or your own servers. We take full responsibility to adjust your system and software settings for performance and to meet your ultimate satisfaction.